Disabled People Against Cuts are hosting a protest this Thursday (1st March) from 12 to 1pm in Barkers Pool against the rollout of Universal Credit. Please come along if you can to show your support.
Universal Credit is being rolled out to all claimants in Sheffield from July. The numerous problems with Universal Credit have been well documented. Unless ways are found to reduce the impact, already stretched food banks and support services across Sheffield will have to pick up the pieces.
Universal Credit – National Day Of Action. Sheffield demo
12pm to 1pm, Thursday 1st March, Barkers Pool
Cuts to Disability benefit, cuts to self employed tax credits and sanctions for returning monthly reports late, mandatory “Labour work regimes” meaning if you work part time you’ll be punished for not searching for more hours by being sanctioned. There’s so much more wrong with Universal Credit than the initial waiting period…

What to do with Universal Credit?
Are you a government minister and are uncertain how to improve Universal Credit? Thankfully, there are a few pointers:
Simplify the system and ensure people don’t lose out (The Guardian)
Remove waiting times for benefits and improve support available (Citizens Advice Bureau)
No restriction on the child element, raise the working allowance, change letters to be more gentle and kind, more personal communication, better working with landlords (JRF and CMU on Housing Rights NI)