“It took me a long time, shamefully long, to challenge, even in my own friends, those negative assumptions about poor people. Truthfully, it took so long because I was frightened – I didn’t want to jeopardise my place in this comfortable world. Even when I did start to speak up, the conversations were often fraught with difficulty – of course, they liked me; I wasn’t like those people. But I was. I am. And I should have owned that a lot sooner than I did.” – the author Kerry Hudson on being a person from poverty silencing herself to avoid discrimination
Sheffield NEEDS A Pay Rise!

Conference on Low Pay and Precarious Work in Sheffield
9:30am – 1:30pm Friday 15th June
The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane, Sheffield S1 4FW
A presentation of academic research from Middlesex and Staffordshire Universities in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University. Is the issue of low pay, insecure work and exploitative labour practices in Sheffield more widespread than other UK cities? What about the impact of Universal Credit? With Sheffield TUC and Sheffield Needs a Pay Rise.
Lunch provided. Please reserve spaces onEventbrite
The Spider’s Web – Britain’s Second Empire
9 June, 6.30pm (7.00 start). Dina, Sheffield
As part of Fair Tax Fortnight, a free screening of The Spider’s Web, a documentary investigation into the world of Britain’s secrecy jurisdictions and the City of London. There will be a a Q&A afterwards with a Fair Tax Mark representative.
Time for a real universal benefit?
“Sanctions generally delivered poor outcomes, including debt, poverty and reliance on charities such as food banks, the study found. Often imposed for trivial and seemingly cruel reasons, they frequently triggered high levels of stress, anxiety and depression.” – the Guardian summarises yet another critical report on sanctions
“to be truly universal, Universal Credit must provide enough financial support for people to protect them from destitution, and that will mean increasing benefit levels across the board, particularly for families and disabled people” – the Trussell Trust reports on Universal Credit
Other tax and benefit systems are available…
Wed 6 June | 6:30-8:30pm | Quaker Meeting House | Free
A workshop exploring proposals for a Sheffield pilot of a basic income scheme, as part of the Festival of Debate.