“Despite official denials, Prof Alston said he had heard accounts of people choosing between heating their homes or eating, children turning up to school with empty stomachs, increased homelessness and food bank use, and ‘story after story’ of people who had considered or attempted suicide.” – The UN Special Rapporteur gives his final verdict (BBC).

“Guilt to your employer and guilt to your child. It’s a constant cycle of guilt that happens when you’re trying to do something. Then if you haven’t found a job that’s suitable for hours, you feel guilt because you’re not working and everyone thinks you’re a scrounger. You can’t really win.” (The Guardian)

“It was shocking to hear that there are nursing staff in our region that are having to use foodbanks! It was heartbreaking to hear if the personal experience of a cancer patient who has been denied ESA support and PIP and the he can’t cope with going to a court tribunal.” – Sheffield Stop and Scrap Universal Credit run regular stalls to campaign and connect with people caught up in poverty

This is fantasyland

Universal Credit is fine and the people critisising it are spreading myths, according to a wrap around Government advert on the Metro. However… “it only takes into account the people who actually do benefit, and to be honest I’m yet to meet anyone on it who is better off on it. Why would a government department need to advertise unless they realised it’s that bad?” – many people find the advert completely misleading.

“Please take as many Metro Newspapers with DWP Universal Credit advertorials and reuse them or put them in recycling bins, take pics if you want and put the action on social media with the hashtag #BinMetroDWPlies” – DPAC Sheffield encourages you to protest it

Money is weird

“it seems that Britain’s richest are determined to cling onto their wealth, power and privilege despite inequality being at a dangerously high level, which is damaging all of us” (The Equality Trust).”The big picture, says the IFS, is the UK is becoming more like the US, with a concentration of wealth at the top and pressure on working families lower down the pay scale.” – the Equality Trust and IFS describe the impact of wealth inequality in the UK. Perhaps we need to change the way people get money for the jobs they do – Rutger Bregman argues that binmen add more value to society than bankers (BBC), and groups like UBI Lab Sheffield argue for testing the idea that every citizen should be valued through a basic income (CityMetric). People get funny about money though, and it has to be said that…

Money is Weird

Friday 24th May, 7.30pm. Regather 57-59 Club Garden Road
When it comes to money, Laurence Peacock (BA English Lit, 2008) definitely knows what he’s talking about. OK, fine, he really doesn’t. But he’s tried his best to find out… What is money? Where does it come from? And will you give him £7 to talk about it for 50 minutes? No? What if he throws in some jokes and promises to keep the graphs to a minimum? Alright, fine! £6. Geez…