Next Steps

Any social movement needs roots in local areas and communities, the Sheffield Equality Group does at a local level what the Equality Trust and One Society campaign do at a national level: lobby those with power and publicise the importance of income inequality.

Things we are planning include:

  • Speakers and film screenings on issues around income inequality, including the Spirit Level Documentary
  • Lobbying media to include more radical or counter-establishment views that counter inequality (for example business representatives outnumber union representatives five-to-one in BBC coverage)
  • Continued space for general discussion around income inequality; as well as informal talks on education, epigenetics, the Living Wage, the cumulative impact of cuts, and the Basic Income.
  • Lobbying Council meetings and acting to solve small local issues that highlight the impact of income inequality
  • Reporting on our Basic Income survey and developing an online version to feed into wider lobbying
  • Getting the message out through theatre and publicity stunts
If any of these ideas interest you, if you have others you’d like to push forward, the equality group is a space where you can dicuss, plan, and get things done. You can get involved when you want, how you want, and do what you want – within reason 😉 To find out more, come to a meeting or get in touch through emailfacebook, or leave a comment below.

What we have already done

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