Sheffield Fairness Commission

The Fairness Commission Reports…

The Sheffield Fairness Commission report is out, but will it actually change anything? You can have a look at the recommendations and report in full (it’s a big un!)…
The press are largely positive, but are sceptical of its chances
And comments from the wider public are sceptical of pretty much everything

Public Meeting on priorities…

A Public Meeting of the Commission was held on 8th October to help steer the priorities of the commission. Alan Walker gave a presentation (available for download here – 1.2MB ppt). There then followed lively discussion, you can see notes from the discussions here. The thoughts from the meeting will be added to the written evidence the Commission has received, available on the Commission’s website

Fairness Commissions

Fairness Commissions have been established by several councils (for example Islington and York) to address inequality. Sheffield Fairness Commission will consider a range of evidence from groups and individuals around the city, both from written submissions and in open meetings until September. The meetings so far have been on:

The Commission will recommend things that public bodies, business and charities can do to make Sheffield a fairer place, aiming to reduce the inequalities that exist in the city. Click here for the Council site.

Sheffield Equality Group submission to the commission

The Equality Group has submitted evidence to the Fairness Commission, recommending actions to address three suggested priorities for Sheffield:
• to promote the fairer sharing of the wealth that this City holds
• to reduce environmental inequalities
• to create and develop opportunities that allow the citizens of Sheffield to have responsibility and influence in addressing the cities inequalities

Submission to Fairness Commission on inequalities across the city
Submission focussing on health inequalities

Relation between poor health and median wage across Sheffield Neighbourhoods

Relative income of top 20% and bottom 20%, for Sheffield and across countries

The ideas of fairness are quite central to the work of the Equality Group, and so the group is very interested in the progress and operation of the commission. Details of questions asked of the commission so far are on this page.

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