Love tax

We all contribute to Sheffield through the taxes we pay. When rich people and big business don’t pay tax it affects you. If current loopholes were tightened, at least £4 billion could be put towards desperately needed services, or sixty thousand new homes each year.
Most tax the government collects comes from your income and what you buy in shops. People on low incomes pay more in taxes, like council tax and VAT. Many things people on high incomes spend money on, like private education, are tax free.
Most taxes are from income and VAT, and get spent on supporting people. Those on a low income pay a larger proportion of the income on tax than people on middle or high income.
These firms aren’t the only ones in Sheffield city centre dodging taxes. Companies like Café Nero, River Island, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Virgin Media, and WH Smiths also hide their profits in tax havens, or help others dodge tax. Nearly sixteen thousand company directors in the UK are resident in offshore tax havens.
Tax avoidance puts profits in the pockets of the greedy, and harms businesses who are doing the right thing, like local and independent shops. A storm of negative publicity has forced some to change. It’s time for the rest to follow.

What Can I Do?

Let them know you don’t like it
If you shop somewhere that is dodging tax, contact them to say that you don’t approve. Ask them to sign up to the Fair Tax Mark and pay their share.
Shop Elsewhere
Local companies and independents usually aren’t setting up tax dodging schemes in other countries. Some national companies, like Lush, the Phone Co-Op, and Greggs, have got top marks for paying their taxes.
Contact your MP
Contact your local candidates for MP and ask them to support the introduction of a Tax Dodging Bill in the next parliament. Just go to
Get involved
We campaign to reduce the gap between the high and low paid to create a better society. Find out more by visiting

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