Campaign on cuts to social care and support

Next steps

Equality group members are currently involved in…

  • A media and face-to-face campaign on welfare reform and inequality
  • Performing street theatre (a bedroom farce!) to protest about Bedroom Tax
  • Promoting the results of a survey on the Basic Income
  • Exploring a forum/storytelling to give voice to those affected and prompt discussion

This work is being done in association with people who are non members of any group, but also with organisations, either formally or informally (usually informally!):
Centre for Welfare Reform
Sheffield Benefit Justice
Occupy Sheffield



Common Cause – using our values to change the world
How should we campaign against the cuts. “Common Cause” was a study done by a number of organisations, lead by the World Wildlife Foundation, drawing on psychology that argues for campaigning with the same values we would like to see in the world. This would mean avoiding a focus on what people earn or stereotpying people, but emphasising a focus on positives like community and sharing. For more information please see a short summary used in our group meeting, or see the full report on the World Wildlife Fund site.


Resentment and the destruction of welfare
An illuminating study evidencing why many of those in the worst circumstances support cuts to welfare. You can read a short summary used in our group meeting or look at the full article online.



Frances Potter (Sheaf Citizens Advice Bureau) talk. Frances argues that given the complexity and unreliability of the welfare system there is a strong need to reform, where simplification and combination of tax and benefit system would be a positive aim. However, any good intentions are currently being lost in the jumble of initiatives to cut benefits and wider social support, with “localisation” making it harder to support those in need. You can see her 2013 talk on the video here (Youtube 20 min), and see updated slides and text from 2014 here (PowerPoint 2MB)

A spiral from birth to death in Sheffield, with statistics on inequalities across the city

A spiral from birth to death in Sheffield, with statistics on inequalities across the city


Many people do not realise that the majority of child poverty happens in households where at least one parent works, because they live in a low wage, insecure global economy wages are low, hours are often part-time or not guaranteed. To find out more about the reality, go to:
Joseph Rowntree Foundation: minimum income standard
New Economics Foundation mythbuster on strivers versus skivers
The reality of low paid work Guardian article on precarious part-time work and the excellent Breadline Britain articles
Sheffield 0-19 Partnership – Child poverty Awareness training and resources


Dr Simon Duffy (Centre for Welfare Reform) talk.

Levels of benefit fraud are very low compared to that unclaimed, or other kinds of fraud

Levels of benefit fraud are very low compared to that unclaimed, or other kinds of fraud

Cuts fall most heavily on those most in need

Cuts fall most heavily on those most in need

Simon speaks on how the burden of cuts falls most heavily on those with severe disabilities, due to half of all cuts falling on welfare and local government, despite these areas making up just 25% of government spending. He also argues that positive welfare reform is needed, but that what is happening now is effectively the opposite of what is needed. You can see his talk on the video here (Youtube 27min) and see the slides here (PDF 2.14MB).


Simon argues for a fair minimum income for all as part of a combined tax and benefit system (1.26mb PDF) (see also this video)


Information on the cuts

Citizens Advice – Adviceguide: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk
Factsheet on bedroom tax from Disability Rights UK
Sheffield specific
Sheffield City Council- Benefit Changes booklet
Sheffield Campaign for Benefits Justice bedroom tax and campaign leaflet
Sheffield Green Party bedroom tax information leaflet

5 thoughts on “Unsupported”

  1. Lin Myers said:

    I look forward to bringing a group of people from our Voluntary Parent Carer Support Group & Yorkshire Autism Cafe to the meeting on 11th April.
    Thanks Lin

  2. Jasmine Warwick said:

    I was really pleased to find your flyer at the Library – I’ve spread the word round all my contacts, so please make sure that there’s plenty of room at the Quaker Meeting House! There are also likely to be quite a few wheelchair users. I’m looking forward to taking action to combat these appalling changes. See you then. Jasmine

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