The Solution

If we all shared more then we would all be richer

The Sheffield Equality Group aims to promote, advocate and support policies in Sheffield that will direct resources actively towards those with lowest income and least opportunities. This means narrowing the income gap between the richest and poorest because the evidence demonstrates that this will benefit everyone in Sheffield and make our city whole.
Graph showing relation between health and social problems and income inequality

Graph by the equality trust showing relation between health and social problems and income inequality

It hasn’t always been this way and it doesn’t have to be this way.

Inquality has greatly increased in the UK over the past three decades. Three out of five of people say they think the Government should do more to reduce differences in income, just one in five disagree. To make our country more equal would be better for our economy. It would mean:

  • less money spent on prisons and benefits
  • less money spent on making us well.
  • it would be better for the environment and for charity.

Trend in UK inequality

Trend in UK inequality as measured by the Gini coefficient, where 0 is completely equal and 1 is completely unequal

Next Steps

3 thoughts on “The Solution”

  1. TERRY MCGRATH said:

    In the paragraph entitled ‘It hasn’t always been this way.’
    Do you mean to say- Inequality – has greatly increased?

    • Inequality has increased from the top 20% earning five times the poorest 20% in the early 1970s, to the top 20% earning seven times the poorest 20% in the past decade. Some more on changes in income inequality within countries on the national Equality Trust site here. There is a nice graph of the increasing inequality in the UK over time and I’ll upload to this site.

  2. Peter Verity said:

    I fully support your campaign to narrow the gap between poor and rich, and I agree that much can be done through the tax system (such as the Robin Hood Tax) and other actions.

    However, there is a more fundamental question – why do we have to have a debt-based economy at all? One of the strongest drivers of inequality is that the poor have to borrow, and have to pay interest on their borrowings – most of which goes to fund the financial sector. The is more about this at –

    Nef and Positive Money propose that the creation of money should be taken out of the hands of banks, and placed instead with the central bank who could then create DEBT FREE MONEY.

    See and for campaing details

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