A national day of action calling for Universal Credit to be scrapped has been called for Wednesday 18th April. There will be a demo at City Hall from 12 midday with a range of speakers. See DPAC Sheffield for more details
April the 18th is also the launch of the marvellous Festival of Debate, chock full of excellent talks: from Universal Basic Income to the politics of begging, from reinventing society to advice on where to invest your billions tax free.
P_ve_ty – the biggest preventable cause of death
“4.1 million children now live in families earning less than £16,380 a year – or 60 per cent of the median UK income. More than two thirds of those children are in working families.” – Children and parents in Oldham talk about poverty
Speaking out – three women talk about their lives on the minimum wage as part of the campaign for a living wage at McDonalds
In case there’s any doubt who will be hit by current Government policy, it’s not even handed and won’t protect those in need. Analysis from the Equality and Human Rights Commission sets out how those in poverty, and particularly single parents, people who are disabled, and women will lose out heavily from changes to tax and benefits…
These changes may be killing people… “In the first seven weeks of 2018, over 10,000 (12.4%) more people died in England and Wales than was usual for the time of year. No official explanation from government health officials for this sharp rise in mortality has been forthcoming.”
Better broke than broken
A teacher looks at those who are careless with wealth and concludes “I’d rather be broke like me than be broken and like you.”